Social Picks of the Week

Social Picks of the Week

New looks with trendy pieces for your business wardrobe. Discover a new look on social media every day that you can shop here …

Pick of the Week 21

Pick of the Week

This week’s focus: the cobalt blue jumpsuit! This hip and comfortable jumpsuit is always an eye-catcher, in the office and after work.


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Success is also a question of presentation. Like a business card the appropriate business look helps you to make the best impression. Styles4Work offers you professional and suitable looks for business as well as individual office styles for any occasion. Plus, we produce editorials and a network for working women. We all know it: in the morning in front of your crammed wardrobe but still no idea what to wear to carry you through a busy day? Sometimes it is not easy to find the perfect business outfit. Styles4Work provides advice and suggests solutions for one of the most frequently asked questions: What should I wear?

Business Fashion and Business Content for working women

Styles4Work collects content and imparts ideas with a focus on fashion for the office, office outfits and styles for work. We offer inspirations for different work occasions, fashion styles, work situations, seasons, age groups and body shapes in the professional life. Styles4Work thinks of every working woman!

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