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Blazer Boom – a special about the blazer

Blazers, jackets, short blazers, boxy blazers, oversize blazers- the names are numerous, the styles as well. Hardly any other garment is more changeable and adapts so well to the respective situation. This is especially true for business looks.


A blazer can be used for any required dress code, from creative to formal – it can be integrated into any business outfit and can be styled up or down without much effort.

Do you have an important meeting with the board of directors in front of you? Or a decisive customer appointment? Maybe it’s April and the weather is crazy – cold, warm – you know what I mean …. A blazer can be the solution to a lot of styling problems and be a door opener in almost any situation.

Since the blazer is so essential for the office look, we are dedicating a special to it this week – as a tribute to our favourite office fashion piece, so to speak. And because we simply love him and value him as a permanent partner in our business wardrobe!

The variations range from classic, short, feminine and romantic to casual, extravagant and sporty. We introduce you to our favourite looks!

Casual Blazer Beauty

A great casual look is always blazer to jeans or sportier pants, such as paper bags, chic joggers or chinos. To give the outfit the necessary smartness for your business, always choose a dark colour for your trousers.

In addition, put on a blazer, preferably wide cut, in a pastel colour. A noble silk top in white, et voilá, that’s all it takes.

It is important that the colour of the blazer is repeated in accessories and shoes – this shows style confidence, is chic and yet remains casual!


Are you looking for anything chequered here?


Definitely us! We love checks, checks!

What is more timeless than a plaid blazer? Not much! With extravagant check patterns and new cuts, which can be oversize and partly even remind of masculine silhouettes from the 1930s, you show great trend awareness. The style nevertheless remains suitable for business. In addition, they are so comfortable to wear that you would hardly want to do without them in your office wardrobe.


It’s up to you whether you choose single or double row. Note that the single-row blazer generally stretches the silhouette and the double-breasted blazer emphasizes the hips.

By the way, the sleeve seam should end with the shoulder and the sleeve at the wrist. You can test this by crossing your arms strongly: If nothing pinches or tightens, the cut fits.

As a trouser suit or skirt suit, checks score double and give you a stylish and self-confident appearance!


Power in Black and Beige


The black blazer – you can’t get enough of it! Short, long, waisted or the new overlong models. Allowed is what pleases and underlines the silhouette. Even with only one perfectly fitting model you can get very far and style many looks. It might be worth to invest!

Black is particularly strong with bright colours, such as radiant blue here, and emphasises the eye-catching colour. In combination with light pastel shades, a similar effect is created: the light colours are highlighted by the black. The black jacket achieves a soothing effect with structured fabrics or striking patterns. It can cool down the look. The alternative that never goes out of fashion is black all over, an all-time classic! The look becomes very formal with the matching trousers or as a suit with skirt.


If the blazer is to be a base piece, pay attention to neutral colours. In addition to black, grey, beige and dark blue are included – true combination artists!

With blazers, the most important thing is a perfect fit and a good cut. The lapel, for example, is a good indication for the fit. It should lie wrinkle-free on the shoulders, should not protrude and should play nicely around the neck. The width of the lapel depends on your own shoulder: Narrow to narrow and wider to wider.


It can also be feminine!


Not much can be added to this look: Feminine and at the same time straightforward and clear. There is no better way for a playful feminine styling!

A white blazer is clearly one of the essentials in your wardrobe and of course, the white blazer also has endless combination versions.

Just be careful with boxy cuts, they can quickly look like a dentist’s coat. More likely to use waisted and hip-length variations. As an alternative you may put on a waist belt on wide models with a waist belt on figure.

A statement belt works generally very well with a blazer, it creates waist and looks very stylish!


Statement Blazers and Short Blazers


They’re among our favorites: Blazers in statement colours!

Red is particularly suitable for a strong statement, but also for the new spring and summer colours yellow, green or orange. With these colours you can quickly create an eye-catching look, ideal for a business lecture or panel discussion. The blazer keeps you “dressed”, even if the colour is strong.

When it comes to statement colours, you should pay special attention to the material: The most pleasant are high-quality natural materials. This applies to every colour, but especially to strong colours: If you use polyester or artificial blended fabrics, the look slips quickly and looks cheap.

For statement colours, we recommend short blazers or waisted forms that are no longer than hip length. This looks noble and the colour does not wear out the outfit.


For your office wardrobe we also recommend the short blazer: ends on the hips with a slightly square “boxy” fit. The short blazer has a lot of potential for different styles.

With narrow trousers and skirts it gives your outfit a modern look and underlines the clear line of the look. If you decide for a skirt in A-line, the short blazer brings an “edgy” addition and takes too much sweetness, which can be especially important for an office look.

Casually worn over the shoulders, the short blazer gives attractive casualness and yet, the outfit still remains smart and suitable for business.

Do you love blazers as much as we do? What are your ideas? Do you have any suggestions for us? We are looking forward to your feedback and your styles at!