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Styles4Work organised the first panel discussion to which we invited you in mid-June as part of an after work cocktail. Taking the plunge into self-employment, founding your own company, having the courage and fighting spirit. Taking defeats, nevertheless continuing, persevering and finding motivation on a daily basis.

These were the topics of the evening which was entitled “Lessons learned. Three successful women – three inspiring paths”.

Because one of the big and overarching goals of Styles4Work is to encourage, motivate and support you on your ways. Last but not least – we want to bring you together! We are convinced that women only profit from mutual commitment and that enriching inspiration helps all women: After all, we are all in this together! For us this is an excellent reason to organize a great evening with interesting guests and people taking part.

The discussion was moderated by the wonderful Anne Gesthuysen, who found a very personal and fresh speech and skilfully led through the discussion. The speakers were Jovan Oberleithner from j.jackman, Andra Gallhöfer from ByMi and Julia Ritter from

All three women, either from a well-off job or at a very young age, dared to take the leap into self-employment and stayed with full commitment.

In fact, commitment is an important incentive for the founders, as is passion and love for their products. Jovan, Andra and Julia take these impulses daily with them into their companies. Impulses which motivate them and help them to suffer failures. Because these are also part of it: “One learns from mistakes”, so all three. That is very true and probably especially in self-employment.

A further credo for the founders is: ” Simply do it”! Don’t plan everything through and consider constant alternatives and possibilities, just get started.


Jovan Oberleithner, Monika Velten, Andra Gallhöfer (f. l.)

Jovan from J.Jackman, for example, had the idea of designing and producing sustainable business fashion for women. In a for her largely foreign country, whose language she barely spoke. Without contacts and experience in the fashion world. She was so convinced of her idea that she “simply” founded it, in Berlin. However, with a lot of courage, but at least as much bite and enthusiasm. After all, this step has been very worthwhile, in the meantime she has set up her own collection and is on course for growth.


Anne Gesthuysen, Julia Ritter und Andra Gallhöfer (f. l.)

Andra from ByMi has been in the fashion business for a comparatively long time. She has successfully written company history with her ByMi blouse label. Her career has certainly been helped by the fact that she herself comes from an entrepreneurial family. As she says: “Entrepreneurship is in your blood, you can’t really learn that”. The support and companionship with her twin siblings, with whom she had originally founded, also helped.

Now she is the mother of a little daughter. Though, the increase in her family has changed her work situation and hence demands a lot of organisational talent. If there is no other way, the little one simply comes into the office. However, Andra often has to face criticism of her life situation. Yet, she simply smiles it away, sees the positive and continues on her way. Andra sets her own new standards for the compatibility of job and family. For her one of the great advantages of self-employment. Being free and make your own decisions.


Julia from radiates creativity and inventiveness. Originally she studied business administration and worked for some time in consulting. There she quickly lacked the opportunity to “create something of her own”. Hence, she switched to interior design without further ado. During her studies she started to design and build small furniture. They were sold online on a small scale, but profitably.

Extremely motivated by this success, the idea of a concept store for home accessories and gift ideas developed. Julia courageously founded at the age of 29. Simply did it! By the way, she has pulled through her company against some scepticism. However, she was helped by a strong will, fighting spirit, great organizational talent and the desire for independence. With Julia has fulfilled her dream…

We have heard inspiring stories. Taken from life and very motivating for all those who play with the thought of starting their own business or, like us, have just taken the step!

If you want to learn more about the encouraging lives of Jovan, Andra and Julia, check out our interviews with the founders!

Do you want to join our next event? With pleasure! Just email to We are also looking forward to your personal feedback.