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Exclusively at Styles4Work: the new label ALEXANDRA ZANDERS

Launch of the new label ALEXANDRA ZANDERS – now exclusively available at Styles4Work

It’s been almost a year since the idea for Styles4Work was born. The idea was born out of our own needs, because we were constantly looking for suitable business fashion and the market did not offer much. That’s why we founded Styles4Work. Styles4Work is a platform for professional office looks and adviser for individual business styles, suitable for every business opportunity. There are also weekly editorials and tips and tricks for working women.

It quickly became clear that Styles4Work needed an exclusive line that would exactly match our own ideas and meet the high standards of our customers. Styles4Work believes in business fashion that is stylish and functional, versatile, durable and – last but not least – affordable.

And now there it is, exactly reflecting our spirit, the exclusive label for business fashion: ALEXANDRA ZANDERS. Now available at Styles4Work.

What is special about ALEXANDRA ZANDERS?

Quite simply, the label unites everything that is important to us for business fashion. In its first collection, ALEXANDRA ZANDERS offers four perfect keypieces which are classic and stylish, but anything but boring! The pieces can be combined with each other and can be used in a variety of ways throughout the year.

ALEXANDRA ZANDERS stands for design Made in Germany. All pieces are produced solely in small sewing factories in Europe. Since sustainability and a conscious handling of materials are important, the production quantity is adjusted accordingly.

All materials come from small manufacturers in Italy and are of a high quality wool with a small proportion of spandex. ALEXANDRA ZANDERS pays particular attention to crease protection, a good fit and office and travel suitability when selecting materials. Because no one wants to waste time and thoughts on pinching clothes on a busy day…

Fine details, such as orange zippers and orange lining, appear over again and characterise the collection – details that make the label ALEXANDRA ZANDERS special and give the classic cuts a discreet extravagance. The collection also proves that stylish and functional business fashion in high quality can have a fair price.

Make a statement!

The signature piece from the ALEXANDRA ZANDERS collection is this red statement dress. Both feminine and strong, this dress stands for elegance and freshness! A clear design is combined with some special elements.

There are days when it is time for a statement, this red dress makes one! This intense colour immediately captivates without being intrusive. However, the cut is classic and flattering in A-line. Watch the pointed neckline and the 3/4 arm which give the dress the perfect twist for your office look. Straight from Italy comes the material of 98% wool and 2% elastane which is slightly structured, of high quality, falls softly and plays around the silhouette.

What do we like best? Besides the great colour, the swinging movement of the knee-length skirt and belt, which can be can be tied to your desire to create even more individual variations. Typical identity features of the ALEXANDRA ZANDERS label are the orange lining and the orange zipper on the back and of course, they shouldn’t be missed in this dress!

The red suit

ALEXANDRA ZANDERS offers four perfect keypieces in its first collection, which can be mixed and combined to create several looks. Looks, which are so subtle you can wear them over and over again.

One of these keypieces is this red suit, which sets an ideal example of the versatile looks in the collection. The suit is a great addition to the red statement dress. It fits almost every dress code and has a timeless cut.

Red itself is an eye-catcher, the orange lining underlines the look even more. What can be a smarter look for business than this short, collarless jacket? It stands for an uncomplicated, yet fresh and elegant look. Because of the hooks it can be worn open and closed, however without being too tight. This red pencil skirt is a strong addition, it can be combined with (almost) any colour and is suitable for every occasion in business. Of course, we also find the orange zipper and lining again!

The yellow blouse

A beautiful addition to your business wardrobe is this yellow high-necked blouse with a small, pointed collar in yellow. Timeless, but still young and chic! The yellow colour implies energy and finesse. Amazingly special details such as the double button strips on the cuffs.

It can be worn with any dress code, as you can style it wonderfully up or down and with (almost) any colour. For a formal dress code tuck it in a skirt or trousers, for a casual or creative dress code you simply wear it loosely. To make both looks possible, the hem of the blouse is rounded at the bottom, which is creating a beautiful line. After work, simply wear the blouse loose and you have created a casual look…

Directly imported from Italy comes the material, silk crepe with 94% silk and 6% spandex in finest quality. For a good feeling the cut falls softly. As a hallmark of the collection, the orange zipper in the neck appears again.

The dark blue dress

ALEXANDRA ZANDERS offers the red signature piece also in dark blue, as a limited edition. Can you imagine a situation where a dark blue dress would not fit? Exactly, neither can we! Dark blue is indispensable for the job. It is softer than black and flatters any hair colour. This dress is an ever lasting must-have for the working woman. That is why we made this dress our special start off offer for you, so don’t miss out!

The dress is a versatile business all-rounder with a great swing. It embodies ultimate chic, yet remains reserved. An ideal colour for women who bear responsibility at work, but want to stay subtle in their choice of colour. No doubt, the classic piece works all year round and can be combined with any other colour, from nude to bright to black. The material made of 98% wool and 2% elastane ensures a good and comfortable fit.

For the launch of the new collection, this version of the dark blue dress is available at a special price. Come and take a look!

The dark blue suit

The dark blue suit reflects understatement in business and timeless elegance. This two-piece suit is one of the classics – a versatile long runner for the formal dress code!

With the small difference that the ALEXANDRA ZANDERS suit does not look old-fashioned. Inspired by the effortless chic of the Italian woman, the short jacket with hooks is one of our favourite pieces. It also works perfectly with the blue dress. Additionally, the uncomplicated pencil skirt is the ultimate all-rounder, what would it not fit to? The orange lining and the orange zipper set fresh accents.

Especially suitable for business is the material made of 98% wool and 2% spandex. It is also crease-resistant and comfortable to wear.

Don’t miss out this dark blue suit – it is in this version, just like the dark blue dress, a limited edition and available as a special offer in our shop!

You know as well as we do: Success is also a question of appearance. The right look on the job helps you to make the best impression, just like a business card. That’s why we are all the more pleased to be able to offer you this business collection from ALEXANDRA ZANDERS. Business Essentials for your Business Look. Be inspired for work now!

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A sneak peak behind the scenes: The keypieces will be available in more colours and combinations, be curious and look forward with us to the upcoming pieces!