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Meet a Working Mom: Theresia Fuchs

Key Facts

Name: Theresia Fuchs
Age: 35
What is your job title? Vice President IoT Channel Management @ T-Systems
Where do you live? Bonn
Family status: married, 2 children (4+5)
How would you sum up your life-style? Working mom with passion for fashion
Hobbies: travelling, work out (running, skiing, surfing, swimming, yoga..), reading, fashion, hanging out with friends
Do you follow a philosophy in life? It’s all about attitude!

What is your professional background?

International Business BA + Technology Management MSc; international background (USA, France, Sweden, Malaysia); sound experience in digitization, leadership, sales, project management

You work at T-Systems in the field of IoT, that sounds very technical and hence a bit like a masculine domain. Many may not be familiar with the Internet of Things. Would you mind giving us a quick insight into your business and explain what you are aiming to achieve?

IoT stands for Internet of Things; id est the connection of objects like machines or devices with the internet and among each other. We develop use cases for business customers, which save costs or increase efficiency via the generated data. Example: Construction site assets are equipped with a sensor that is collecting all different kinds of parameters such as location or operating hours. The data is transmitted via mobile network so that the assets can be deployed in an optimum way.

What are your most important experiences as a woman working in a leading position?

They are mostly positive ones; I would mostly get admiration as a young full time woman in a leading position with successful husband and two kids. Sometimes it’s distrust in the sense of how does she make it??

What obstacles did you have to overcome?

Typical prejudices such as she only got the job for being a woman. I do ignore that – Envy you have to work out, compassion you get for free; so that rather makes me proud.

Consequently, what compromise did you have to make, if any?

I outsource anything related to the house and household and allow myself a lot of support – that takes away control and costs me quite a lot.

How would you sum up your most important take-aways from the last years?

Anything is possible, all you  need is courage, will power and endurance.

Do you have any advice for women who decide on a career in a male dominated field?

Copy the mens’ best attitudes such as competitiveness, cherry picking, selfmarketing, and make use of your female benefits at the same time (great fashion ?), and you’re unbeatable!

Styles4Work is an online shop focused on business fashion and business editorials. What is your estimation on specialized platforms and blogs for future trendsetting?

This is essential and the major way of how trends develop in the future. Certainly, influencers will be of big relevance in your business, i.e. successful women that have a passion for fashion and lifestyle and therewith serve as influencing ambassadors.

Do you use social media yourself?

Sure – however not exhaustively due to lack of time.

Fashion is an emotional, very personal topic. Is there an outfit that always works for you?

Basic etui dress with conventional, black Louboutins always works.

Do you have a favourite outfit?

I really like business dresses – they fit, you don’t have to think about pieces to combine and they are at the same time comfortable and very female. I would always combine them with pumps; high heels are a must for me – I’m only 1.62m, mostly among men and furthermore you’re posture is much better in heels.

Do you have a favourite label?

I like various designers, but like Ted Baker dresses a lot, as well as Diane von Fürstenberg and Missoni.

Are you including fashion trends in your business outfit?

Of course, always; however, I wish I had more time for that.

Which colors do you wear in the office?

Any! I like powerful colours and with brown eyes and hair I’m pretty much average so I can go with almost any colour. For example, I would go with red pumps to the office.

What do you always carry in your handbag?

Lipstick! I can’t go without and it’s so easy with great impact.

Which hint do you have for women who are still looking for their own style?

Look for idols within your environments (friends, colleagues..); lots of Vogue and Online blog browsing and then trying it out. If you have something like a dress that really fits you well and people even positively speak to you about it, you should have a closer check: What is it about? What colours? What style? Starting there, you can orientate yourself and work on your personal style step by step. The awareness of knowing that not every trend and style matches every type and shape is key!

Work and family, an ongoing subject: how do you manage to master both?

I’m successfully managing the tradeoff between kids and career. You simply need to consider 4 key points:

  1. Just do it – your own thing!
  2. Prioritize – via outsourcing!
  3. Attitude – changes for chances!
  4. Men – as idols!

Do you have any advice for working moms who have a leading position?

See my 4 key points above and in more detail on LinkedID under this link.

Who or what inspires you?

Other great women that successfully manage family and career in a good balance and at the same time look great ?; I wish there were more of them. We need more role models!

Last question: Which social topic is important to you at the moment?

To promote and encourage young women “to make it”!