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MEET Anne Kitzmann, financial coach and power woman

Annegret Kitzmann-Schubert deals with a topic that is often still largely ignored by women: Money. As an independent financial advisor and coach, Annegret advises women on financial matters, gives impulses around money strategies that are developed personally and individually and helps to analyse one’s own attitude towards money. She gives lectures on current financial issues and also deals with issues such as retirement provision for women. 

Together with Styling Coach Jasmin Leheta, she also organizes a workshop on sensible and sustainable investments in clothing and interior design.

The fully qualified lawyer devotes herself to these topics with great empathy and enthusiasm and skilfully conveys her knowledge.

In our interview, she tells us how she found her way, gives tips about poverty among older women and why she needs a business power look.

How did you come up with the idea of becoming an independent financial advisor?

After studying law, I spent almost ten years working for various groups in the real estate sector. It was not only there that I was always responsible for ‘the money’, but also in my marriage. I decided to continue my education in finance. More and more people who were dissatisfied with the advice they received from their bank asked me how I successfully invested my money. That’s why I decided to start my own business as an independent financial advisor in 2002.

Can you give us a brief insight into your concept?

A holistic consultation is very close to my heart: My life, my money – that’s the name of my blog! The focus is on wise wealth accumulation – for the individual life situation of my clients. We clarify: What are goals and desires in life? What is important? What does she want to achieve with the money? Then I work out concrete proposals from the areas of investment and insurance for the next money steps. If the customer likes my suggestions and wants to implement them, then I realize the concept. I take all the necessary steps to put the investment into practice.

What qualities or talents should you have as a coach?

In my experience, that’s empathy above all. I listen a lot at the beginning of my consultation so that I understand how people feel and what makes them happy. Only then can I find the money solution that optimally supports the client.

Do women generally have a harder time on the job than men?

Well, if you believe in that, yes. My experience is that we reach goals with perseverance. In many situations, however, I have had to put on a thick coat. But men also don’t necessarily treat each other squeamishly.

How do you feel about the women’s quota? Are there alternative approaches for you?

Since nothing has moved for so long and there are still companies that aim for a zero percentage of women in management positions, we need the quota. In a few years’ time, if we can put the Thomas cycle to rest, it may look different.

Old-age poverty among women is an issue that worries many of us. Do you have any tips for us?

I always advise women to answer this one question as early as possible: How big must the financial cushion be for my age? An analysis of the finances prevents possible gaps in provision. If the women know what income and expenditure they can expect, we can start planning: build up assets, increase them, check selected products and, if necessary, update them. The earlier women start, the better. What is very important: Many pennies make a dollar! So even with small savings contributions, attractive sums can be collected over the years.

Do you have a tip for women on their career path?

Stay tuned. Learn. Networking. In my professional life I have learned that a good network is really important! Whether to exchange experiences or to recommend new customers.

How would you describe your fashion style?

Fresh and feminine: with flower blouses, colourful summer dresses and a sporty touch, because I like to go hiking in my spare time.

For over two years you have been working with styling coach Jasmin Leheta. Together with her, you organize workshops on meaningful investments in valuable design for clothes and interiors. Can you give us a brief insight?

Together we give impulses around high-value design for clothing and living. We have set ourselves the goal of passing on our knowledge about why value orientation is so important in design, how to not only maintain but also increase values in clothing and furnishings. And we show ways in which this can be done.

How did this cooperation come about and why is it wise?

With Jasmin Leheta I worked on my styling – matching my personal brand – as well as on our interior. In both projects I noticed that there is great potential here to create and preserve sustainable value. After all, you can spend a small fortune on both clothing and furnishings, and it is only wise to think about what fits your individual values!

Jasmin Lehata
copyright by Thomas Wieland

Do you have a business power look that always makes you feel good?

I love colourful dresses! And the “Zwiebellook”, because I freeze easily. A jacket, sometimes even several, a blouse, a skirt and boots or summer sports shoes – also shiny. I like flower patterns, my power colours are pink and dark blue.

Are you trying to include fashion trends into your business outfit?

I like to dress timelessly classy. This fits in with my strategy of preserving values. But sometimes I simply can’t pass by a colourful summer dress from one of the current festival collections…

What do you advise women who are still looking for their style?

Working with Jasmin Leheta helped me a lot to develop my style. The outside view coupled with many years of experience was invaluable to me. In addition, I save a lot of time searching for the garments, because Jasmin’s shopping companions quickly lead me to the suppliers who serve my style and material wishes – and in my size! So I advise you to place yourself in the hands of experts.

What advice would you give your young self?

I would advise generosity: To myself and to others. And not only occasionally in spending money, but above all in trust, forgiveness and carelessness. Today I know that for me the best always happens!

Who or what inspires you?

I like reading books, visiting a literary salon and for many years a business network for women. I also find good ideas on Instagram. I regularly take a break in nature and hiking in the mountains. I also attach great importance to exchanging ideas with long-standing friends.

Which social topic is close to your heart?

I like merging things, bringing them to people who need them from people who don’t need them anymore. I am involved in an initiative in which we have discarded glasses and orthoses transported to countries where these things are in short supply. For me, this is also about preserving and connecting people and values.