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MEET Petra Dieners, successful blogger and influencer

How do you find your way from furniture design to blogging and become a successful influencer? We asked Petra Dieners this question amongst a few more in an interview. Three years ago, she started the Fashion- & Lifestyle Blog, which is aimed at women over 40.

She now has over 80,000 followers on Instagram and inspires women of every generation with her creative and extraordinary looks, which are not “German” at all.

Petra Dieners shines and sprays with energy when she tells us who her role model is when it comes to style, what advice she has for young bloggers and why a suitable business outfit is important.

You studied economics, worked in several large companies and finally designed, produced and sold your own furniture. How did you finally become a fashion blogger?

After I sold my company, I wanted to take a deep breath and become a little more at home. But I just have too much energy. I quickly got bored. Since my childhood I have loved fashion and I always wanted to work in the fashion industry. Then I came up with the idea of becoming a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the age of 40.

How did you achieve your breakthrough in a highly competitive industry?

I didn’t concentrate on others, but simply on what I find beautiful and stylish. It’s important to be authentic and stay with yourself and not imitate what others do.

You’re your own boss. Is that more freedom or stress?

I was my own boss at the furniture company. That’s what I’m used to. The idea of freedom prevails, but of course it is also responsibility and hard work.

How do you motivate yourself every day?

I don’t need to motivate myself. I look forward to every new day! There are so many beautiful projects, so many nice people. I have found my dream job!

Do you think that women generally have to fight harder in the professional world?

I have a differentiated opinion on the quota of women. I am of the opinion that those who are good and willing to work hard also get the position they want.

Do you have a tip for young bloggers?

You should definitely have a solid education. Then you are more flexible and have a more professional view of things.

What criteria do you use to create your looks?

I am a tummy person and always choose my looks according to my “daily feeling”. But a look becomes particularly exciting when you play with colours and patterns. In the end, everything should still fit together. 

Do you have a role model for style or fashion?

My grandmother was my great style role model for me. She was very elegant and well-groomed. At 92 she still went to the hairdresser every week, had varnished fingernails and was always very chic.

How important is a suitable business outfit?

I think it’s very important. “Because as you come gone, so will you receive.” In my opinion nothing has changed. But business outfits can still be fashionable.

Fashion is an emotional, very personal topic. Is there a business power look for you in which you always feel good?

I always feel comfortable at a business meeting in a chic, very well-cut pantsuit. If you feel good, you also radiate a lot more self-confidence.

Which social topic is close to your heart?

Environmental issues are very close to my heart. I hope that in the future the big political parties will also work even harder on it. Through promotion and education, we must all work to ensure that the gap between rich and poor does not widen. The integration of refugees is very important.