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Meet the Team: Alexandra Zanders

Key Facts

Name: Alexandra Zanders
Age: 40
Family status: married
Where do you live? Cologne
Lifestyle: classy, sporty, sustainable and enjoying life
Hobbies: skiing, golfing, fashion and good food
Slogan: In the end everything will be fine, if it’s not fine, it’s not the end

What is your professional background/ what did you do before Styles4Work?

I have a German MBA and always worked in e-commerce. For 2 ½ years I worked for Rocket Internet and 3 years for the German jewellery maker Christ. In between I twice founded my own companies.

How did you come up with the idea for Styles4Work?

The idea for Styles4Work I basically developed out of my own needs. I always look for business fashion and have never come across a useful platform. The problem is A, to find a chic and fashionable cut in good quality and fair pricing and B, the business world changes and so-called dress codes are being reinterpreted. This does not make it easier but more difficult to find suitable outfits. I believe that a rightly chosen outfit can have an enormous impact on your business life. That does not mean you should dress up or anything, it rather means, you should find a suitable outfit which matches your own identity as well as your body shape. That’s why I founded Styles4Work.

Just three phrases, what does Styles4Work represent?

Styles4Work offers a stage for business outfits with suggestions on different outfit features and relevant editorials for working women.

What are you doing for Styles4Work?

I am the founder. My focus are marketing and sourcing.

What is your main audience?

Working women with personality and experience.

How do you see Styles4Work in 3 years? What does Styles4Work aim for?

I would like to qualify Styles4Work to become the first address for working women business outfits and exciting content. In three years time maybe also expanding internationally.

Do you have a favourite outfit?

No, I have many :-).

Do you have a favourite label?

Not really, that is constantly changing. Currently I do like Goat, Joseph, Windsor and Diane von Furstenberg though.

Are you including fashion trends in your business outfit?

Well yes, I am trying. But it is not easy to find fashionable items, which are also suitable for business. The problem is, that straight business fashion is partly so boring, that’s why I always search for something special to spice up my office outfit.

Do you distinguish between business and private outfits?

I would say, all my business outfits I can wear privately but vise versa that does not always work. There is about 30% overlap, but apart from that it is pretty much separated.

What is your main dress code for business?

I would call it semi-formal.

Which three business occasions are the most relevant for you?

Speeches, business lunches and client appointments.

Which colours do you prefer for the office?

In colours I don’t make a difference between private and business. I like colours and I do wear them privately as well as in the office.

Where do you prefer to buy?

I buy a lot online, but sometimes offline too. There I go either in multi-brand stores or to the showrooms of the brands directly.

What do you always carry in your handbag?

My mobile phone charger.

You don’t leave the house without….?

My handbag and my sunglasses.

Which hint do you have for women who are still looking for their own style?

Try something new, that can lead to pleasant surprises. Otherwise consult professional advice, that might as well be a boutique in your own town which you like.

Styles4Work is an internet platform: Are you privately a socialmedia user? Are you posting yourself?

Well, on and off, but in principle yes.

What is your estimation on platforms like Styles4Work and blogs for future trendsetting?

Very high. Print out magazines are losing more and more influence. In addition to that I believe in specialised platforms, because they take over a certain advising role.

Family and job, an ongoing subject: How do you manage both?

I have a wonderful and understanding husband…. everything else is organisation and coordination.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

Interesting people and their stories…

Last question: which social topic is currently important to you?

For me, the tons of plastic waste are a massive problem. I personally try to avoid plastic as much as possible in my daily life, for instance, I only buy water in glass bottles and only unwrapped goods. In fashion I never really liked polyester… If everybody would change the attitude towards plastic just a little bit, it could already make a massive difference!