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Meet Dr. Sandra von Möller

Key Facts

Name: Dr. Sandra von Möller
Age: 48
Family status: married, 3 children at the age of 8 to 15
Where do you live? Cologne
Hobbies: Family and friends, KIDsmiling, traveling and skiing
Slogan: Everything is possible

What is your professional background?

I am a lawyer, specialized in taxes. My career started in the tax department of KPMG. Then I joined the international law firm Linklaters. After that, I worked for Deutsche Post AG, first for the international tax department, then for marketing. Additionally, I was a lecturer for tax law at Cologne Technical University and at Fresenius University. During that period, I published quite a few articles in law journals and daily news. Since September 2009, I am Managing Director of BAERO, a medium-sized technology company.

From 2009 to 2013, I was directly elected as member of the Cologne City Council for the Christian Democrat party (CDU), as which I also served on the Supervisory Board of KölnKongress GmbH. In 2014, I was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Cologne Technical University.

Since 2015, I am a Vice President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Cologne (IHK Köln). Furthermore, I am the Chairwoman of the Legal Committee and the Diversity Committee. In this function I organise a yearly symposium for businesswomen, focusing this year on the topics of digitalisation, change, and innovation.

Fifteen years ago I founded the non-profit organisation KIDsmiling which takes care of socially disadvantaged children and youngsters in Bergheim, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leverkusen and St. Augustin.

How did you come to join Styles4Work?

Since I started my professional career, I always have been searching for business-outfits looking good from early in the morning till late in the evening, being comfortable and not creasing, professional but also feminine. In former years I was very often wearing coats and skirts, but today I prefer dresses. And I am always glad to get inspirations. That’s why I think a platform around business outfits provides a true benefit.

What does Styles4Work represent?

Styles4Work is a platform for businesswomen made by businesswomen.

What are you doing for Styles4Work?

So far, I have an advisory function.

What is your main audience?

Women pursuing their careers and approaching their business life with an attitude of fun and style.

How do you see Styles4Work in 3 years? What does Styles4Work aim for?

Styles4Work should become one of the most important and inspiring platforms regarding business outfits.

Do you have a favourite outfit?

It changes every day.

Do you have a favourite label?

No, but I like Hugo Boss and Diane von Fürstenberg. My favourite labels for bags are Hermès, Fendi and Bottega Veneta.

Are you including fashion trends in your business outfit?

I prefer classical outfits for business, but of course they are influenced by fashion trends.

Which colours do you prefer for the office?

Blue and black, rarely grey, but more and more red and orange.

Where do you prefer to buy?

I love to go shopping in nice stores. Unfortunately I do not have enough time in my daily routine, therefore I buy most of my clothes online.

What do you always carry in your handbag?

Mobile phone, lipstick and – most of the time – business cards.

You don’t leave the house without….?

Handbag and high heels.

Which hint do you have for women who are still looking for their own style?

I would always recommend wearing classical outfits like coats with either trousers or skirts or jeans with blazer, depending on job or occasion.

Styles4Work is an internet platform: Are you privately a socialmedia user? Are you posting yourself?

I use social media for business or for KIDsmiling, but never post about my private live.

What is your estimation on platforms like Styles4Work and blogs for future trendsetting?

In my opinion, platforms like these are already important today – and this will increase over the next years.

Family and job, an ongoing subject: How do you manage both?

I am very well organised, and every day is planned in detail.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

Successful women – from Alice Schwarzer to Amal Clooney.

Last question: which social topic is currently important to you?

There are three topics that are close to my heart:

  1. The support of socially disadvantaged kids and youngsters: I am convinced that every child has special skills that enable it to lead a self-sufficient future live, provided they receive a certain level of support. And I think it is intolerable that so many kids living in Germany grow up next to us with no perspectives for their future.
  2. Equality of women in business live: The social preconditions for reconciliation of family and career must become much better – enough nursery school capacities, all-day schools, and full tax deduction of expenses for child care. Furthermore, when it comes to filling management positions, we need a quota for qualified women, since women often will not be considered otherwise.
  3. And since we speak about fashion: Sustainability – it is better to buy less clothes of high quality that can be worn for a longer time than a lot of cheap clothes produced under bad conditions that will be disposed after a short time.