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Meet Julia Becker

Key Facts

Name: Julia Becker
Age: 38
Family status: married, 2 kids (6 und 8 years old)
Where do you live? Cologne
Lifestyle: I’m a sociable person, love cooking with friends and family – so we’re always busy. There is never boredom as with our two wild boys I’m constantly on the go!
Hobbies: travel, cooking, golf
Slogan: Accept or change.

What is your professional background/ what did you do before Styles4Work?

After an MBA in International Management, I have always worked self employed and set up various companies. Here I mostly took care of process optimization or content topics.

How did you come up with the idea for Styles4Work?

I know Alexandra privately – at a golf game she first told me about a new idea that is kind of manifesting itself. During the following discussions I was more and more enthusiastic about the idea and now I am very happy that we have also come together on a professional level.

What are you doing for Styles4Work?

Currently I am mainly working with Helen on the content of the website. The start-up is still in a phase where we work crossover in different fields to support each other, e.g. we exchange contacts for certain topics or subjects. we exchange contacts for specific topics or subject.

How do you see Styles4Work in 3 years? What does Styles4Work aim for?

In 3 years from now Styles4Work will be the service provider that serves working women in leading positions as a fast and competent partner to find the appropriate clothing for the upcoming appointments.

What outfit always works for you?

The dark blue knee-length dress with short sleeves is an all-time classic for me – the shoes make it a work, – go out, – or even leisure outfit.

Do you have a favourite outfit?

Yes, basically I’m a pants type. My favorite outfit are black cloth pants with a striking bouclé jacket in orange / taupe tones.

Do you have a favourite label?

Tiger of Sweden, Armed Angels, Missoni

Are you including fashion trends in your business outfit?

Yes always, I’m more of a creative type and need colors or sophistication in the outfit.

What percentage of your wardrobe is business fashion?

Approximately 30% in the conservative or formal sense, Business’ creative outfits are more like 70% of my wardrobe.

What is your main dress code for business?

I do wear so-called business casual, or even the business creative style whenever I can. The very conservative style does not really work for me, I would sometimes feel rather dressed up. I like colourful and more casual business outfits. That‘s why I very much appreciate that classical business dress codes are breaking up a bit and business fashion is becoming more flexible these days.

Which three business occasions are the most relevant for you?

I would say those are mainly client appointments, often a business lunch as well as just being in the office. I frequently meet with people for cooperation talks or alike – quite often also in a restaurant, not in a conference room. Afterwards I quickly run to do some shopping and then fetch the children from school to start the daily afternoon routine. This all has to be doable in a single outfit, I might only be able to change shoes in the car in front of the school! This is a problem known to a lot of working mums, I think. Yet, I hope I can introduce my experience to Styles4Work to create flexible outfits which match with all occasions during a busy day.

Which colours do you prefer for the office?

Colors are very important to me. I wear almost all colors in the office and am an avowed color friend. The important thing is that the colors are not too bright. Neon colors e.g. are rather unsuitable for the office …

Where do you prefer to buy?

Yes, absolutely online! – simply because my day is always a few hours too short and therefore I buy almost everything online. I am only rarely found in stationary trade. Unless it is a product that needs to be adapted, such as sunglasses. In this case I go to my optician of trust, because the adjustment of the temple and the nose wings are very important for the great fit of the glasses … unfortunately the Internet is not able to provide that yet 😉

You don’t leave the house without….?

Sunglasses, my favorite bracelets from Lola Rose and my Macbook!

Which hint do you have for women who are still looking for their own style?

The most important indicator in my opinion is your own feeling. You have to feel at home in the outfit. A day in a dress that does not fit properly or is made from an uncomfortable fabric, should never happen. This is especially true for shoes! Anything that is uncomfortable should be left hanging!

Styles4Work is an internet platform: Are you privately a socialmedia user? Are you posting yourself?

I am on some channels, but post very rarely.

What is your estimation on platforms like Styles4Work and blogs for future trendsetting?

I think, the numbers speak for themselves: Declining TV rates as well as declining sales in print publishing business clearly mark that the internet is accepted also as source of inspiration. I would even go further and say that digital inspiration will influence up to 90% of trend setting in the future, only a small part will come from other media . As the internet is so multifaceted it needs targeted platforms like Styles4Work, which combines headline information merges main information on a subject and can solves problems for us, such as being dressed well and suitable in the office.

Family and job, an ongoing subject: How do you manage both?

Similar rule as in business: network, network, network. A group of close friends in your neighbourhood, popular also with your kids, is very important. On top of that we get a lot of support from the grandparents. I don’t have a nanny working for me, everything is covered up by from our own family which I really cherish a lot.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

The Instagram account of many dear friends who thank God post much more diligently than me!

Last question: which social topic is currently important to you?

There are actually two topics that have touched me a lot lately: Dealing with refugee children at home and abroad is a big topic for me. We also discuss this a lot with our own children. It is not obvious that they can grow up so sheltered, and they know that. My older son decided to sponsor a child and did renounce his own presents recently for a big family event to help at least one child. I hope that my little one will also develop this foresight soon.

The other topic is the plastic waste in the ocean. I love the water, I am a diver and love to swim. The fact that the ocean is expected to have more plastic than fish by 2050 is a scenario which needs to be avoided. I do support the fantastic project 40Ocean with great enthusiasm.