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Meet the Team: Monika Velten

Key Facts

Name: Monika Velten
Age: 38
Family status: married, 2 sweet gils (4 and 7 years old)
Where do you live? Dusseldorf
Lifestyle: family oriented, spending a lot of time with the kids and friends, as well as a lot of good food food
Hobbies: a lot of sports such as running and cycling
Slogan: everything happens for a reason

What is your professional background/ what did you do before Styles4Work?

My professional career so far has been very trade-oriented and most of the time I dealt with beautiful products. After a brief stopover at LVMH, I switched to the Douglas Group, where I spent several years in various management positions.

Among other things, I was head of corporate development and responsible for various strategic projects, such as market entry and expansion, process optimization and value creation. After a position in operative sales at the Douglas perfumers as division manager, I took on the task of establishing the sales management and expansion department at CHRIST Juweliere und Uhrmacher GmbH.

How did you come up with the idea for Styles4Work?

I met Alexandra at Christ. We quickly realized that we share the same interests, both professional and private. So it was a great fit between us when she told me about it.

I also think that clothing in a professional context – somehow like a business card – helps to present yourself. The right style can underline this. This attitude has continuously developed with me in the last 13 years in profession. At first I dressed formal elegant in the strict business look, until I ventured over time more and more to incorporate my individual style in the professional life – I like fashion and its derivation on the business requirements.

At Styles4Work, I would like to contribute my personal experience around fashion and work, but also my business skills. My goal is to create something for us women with the team. I mean, I have two girls and want to lead by example …

Just three phrases, what does Styles4Work represent?

We ourselves are our target group. Therefore we understand the needs, the challenges and the interests of working women in particular. Our goal is to offer these women a platform at various levels: fashion and networking.

What are you doing for Styles4Work?

When you start something new, it’s not always well-defined at first, and in the beginning you’re basically a little bit of “woman for everything” – that’s very exciting and I really enjoy it. It is so interesting to be involved from the very first hour of the foundation and to be able to invest all your ideas and ambitions into your own “baby”.

In the long term, I would especially like to apply my sales experience paired with the omnichannel idea. I am very pleased to see the current exciting development in retail and understand it as a great opportunity to establish new sales formats and the resulting customer experience. Through the Customer Centricity approach, we at Styles4Work place the full focus on our clients and their individual needs to provide them with satisfactory advice on their purchasing decisions.

What is your main audience?

We imagine a busy, working woman who, in addition to her career, may still have to manage family life. She is successful in what she does and does not want to waste time shopping. It is important to her, despite etiquette, fashionable and stylish, to be dressed according to her type. She puts emphasis on quality at a reasonable price-quality ratio.

Female empowerment is her slogan. She is looking for like-minded women who share their professional and private interests and support each other. She does not want to spend hours on the internet looking for networking events or interesting contacts, but she needs a platform that clearly presents all of this to her at once.

Styles4Work serves just these women!

How do you see Styles4Work in 3 years? What does Styles4Work aim for?

We successfully establish the Styles4Work Business Collections as type-appropriate business fashion with an extra.

In addition, we are the first virtual point of contact for women looking for advice, tips and networks around the topic of career and business etiquette.

Do you have a favourite outfit?

I like to dress feminine, so skirts and dresses are often seen on me. Mostly, I combine affordable parts with high quality designer pieces, such as shoes or bags.

I also like noble basics like a cashmere sweater. As a full-time mother of two children, I attach great importance to making sure my outfits are put together quickly and functionally according to the occasion.

Do you have a favourite label?

No, not really. From classic labels I like the style of Prada, Celine and Max Mara. But I also like some new brands, such as Victoria Beckham, Ivy & Oak and Maison Heroine.

Are you including fashion trends in your business outfit?

Yes very much. Mostly with colors, cuts and especially with accessories.

Which colours do you prefer for the office?

Basically, I do not commit myself. It depends on the occasion.

Where do you prefer to buy?

On the common online platforms, I mostly order only things that I already own, such as basics, tops or skirts. The reason is that cuts and fits are very important to me. The problem with today’s mainstream fashion industry is the almost arbitrary fit and size specification. That’s why I prefer to be personally consulted for the business fashion, but unfortunately I often miss the time … Styles4Work will also dress me in the future 🙂

What do you always carry in your handbag?

My phone, wet wipes for the kids and the Eighthour Cream by Elizabeth Arden.

You don’t leave the house without….?

My new bag model Marlene by Maison Heroine.

Which hint do you have for women who are still looking for their own style?

Especially in the business context women should know their silhouette or body shape in order to work out the advantages of outfits. I am also a big fan of competent service and advice.

Styles4Work is an internet platform: Are you privately a socialmedia user? Are you posting yourself?

I am a very curious person and like to use social media as a source of inspiration. On the other hand to stay in touch with dear friends and family.

What is your estimation on platforms like Styles4Work and blogs for future trendsetting?

Very important! With online platforms and blogs you have the possibilty of reaching a massive crowd and raising high awareness for different themes and products.

Family and job, an ongoing subject: How do you manage both?

I’m honest, it’s not always easy. It is very important that everyone involved is standing behind the solutions found and feeling good about it. My husband and I both work full time with many travel days. I had to set up early a network of nannies, babysitters and friends.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

All working moms who work with passion on their careers and do not forget about the fun about it all!

Last question: which social topic is currently important to you?

I particularly care about the promotion of women in the top management. Therefore networking and mutual support is very important. We should act as role models for each other!