Blue Office Vibes Outfit

Blue Dress Mood
Blaues Kleid Street

The focus of the outfit “Blue Office Vibes” is the dark blue dress “Sandra” in A-line, which is suitable for the formal or semi-formal dress code. Half-length sleeves, a flattering V-neck and the A-shaped, swinging skirt show a classic and timeless style. Orange details such as the lining and the rear zip emphasize a modern and exciting adaptation of the classic style. The loose waist belt also offers flexible style variations.

A dress that doesn’t need much more. Except maybe the Laptopbag Navy, which easily and stylishly stows a laptop, phone, notebook and other necessary utensils.

When choosing the shoes, we did not think long, in any case the Mayganda pumps made of high quality goatskin, which comes from Italy. The shoes are handmade in Portugal. Of course, dark blue matches the shades, but so does almost any other of the twelve other possible colors. We have decided here for The Eight Pumps in the color Bordeaux. A scarf, such as Riani’s, picks up on the coloring of the shoes and makes an eye-catcher.

The dress suits all women, it is particularly suitable for A and X figure types.