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Silky Moods Outfit

The silk blouse! The basic part of every business wardrobe that you can’t have enough of. Who doesn’t love it? The classic color is white – but we chose alternative colors for our “Silky Moods” outfit. Bright yellow and strong pink are the focus of the outfit. The high-necked blouse “Monika” by Alexandra Zanders is made of fine stretch silk with a pointed collar and is extremely easy to care for and crease-resistant. Both colors can be styled very flexibly for the office. Whether with a costume or pants suit for the formal dress code or – as here – for a casual style with the powder pink business trousers from Nina Rein, made of a fine wool. The first “Silky Mood” combination consists of the yellow silk blouse and powder trousers, wonderful pastel colors that radiate cool freshness. Accessories in taupe such as The Eight Pumps by Mayganda, the reversible belt with an elaborate double clasp in gold and the Citybag Marquise by ChiChiFan create a harmonious and business-friendly outfit that shows classic chic and modern casualness. Jewelery that picks up one of the colors, like here the pink earrings from Lott. Gioielli emphasize the balanced choice of colors.
For a more elegant variation of the “Silky Moods” outfit, we combine the pink silk blouse with the same pants and choose ballerinas with elaborate rhinestone clasps, also in intense pink. A nice eye-catcher is the key chain with pink leather tassel “PS Heart”. Small repetitions of color make the outfit appealing and show a subtle understanding of style. Both outfits can also be combined with sneakers in a corresponding color for a sporty look, such as the classic “Gazelle” from Adidas. The “Monika” blouse is particularly suitable for the H and A figure types, or for all women with a narrow torso and relatively little bust size.