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Pimp up your image! Styles4Work in Düsseldorf

Pimp up your image – that was the motto of our pop-up store in Düsseldorf. Together with Jessica Liepelt from, marketing coach Simone Schröer from Kopf und Seele and beauty coach Sandra Brammer we were guests at the gallery The Box. For three days we celebrated inspiration, competence and femininity in business life.

The opening event on Wednesday evening was an after-work cocktail with short, inspiring impulse lectures on beauty, the suitable outfit and a confident appearance. In a relaxed atmosphere, the guests were treated to Prosecco and delicious food from Taste Morocco. They enjoyed, toasted and listened to the inspiring speakers.

“Make a diverse and a strong appearance”

Jessica Liepelt was leading the evening lively. She stressed how important it is for women to feel secure and how the right fashion can help them to make a competent, multi-faceted and strong appearance in professional life.

“First impressions count” by Sandra Brammer

The enchanting Sandra Brammer emphasized the importance of the first impression and how crucial a personal image is.

In fact, in 150 milliseconds, the subconscious mind decides whether we like or dislike a person. That is the case if you approve of it or not. This is the time you need for an eye wink. Hence when we consciously form an opinion, we have subconsciously done so for a long time. This makes it all the more important to take full advantage of this moment. This requires specific preparation. In addition to a smart outfit, the right make-up and a suitable hairstyle is also essential.

This is exactly what Sandra’s coaching is doing. She encourages women to recognize their own business style and to strengthen individual preferences. The goal is to build an image that promotes self-esteem and self-confidence.

Style can be learned” by Monica Velten

Monika Velten from Styles4Work also focused on image and style. Guided by the credo “Suit your Image – style is learnable” she showed how to develop a fashion-conscious, feminine and individual style based on her personal background.

Two points are relevant here. On the one hand, the clothing style should underline and influence a good body feeling. This means a proper fit, flattering colours and the right functionality of the clothing.

On the other hand, the clothing style in the professional context should be a knight’s armour. This means equipment that prepares for any tasks and challenges and at the same time conveys role, position and seriousness. It is not a question of creating a uniform or a costume, but rather of developing your own holistic style. Good clothing increases self-esteem, self-confidence and strengthens a positive perception by fellow human beings.

Thus style can be learned – from inner coaching to outer styling. When Monika talks about it, she means that there are some simple rules to follow in a professional context. In other words, to find outfits that are suitable for every occasion and every business situation. Styles4Work has exactly this goal in mind. In business styling, consider figure types and fits and give inspiration with the help of a curated selection of exciting outfits. We want to meet the women’s demand for fashion and offer good quality and sustainability.

Great days

Those were great days for us in Düsseldorf! We had interesting conversations, exchanged experiences, laughed a lot and made new friends. This is especially important to us, because one of our big and overarching goals is to support you on your way, to motivate you, to encourage you and to create solidarity.

Do you want to be part of the next Styles4Work event? Gladly! Just write to We are looking forward to your personal feedback, ideas, questions, input and comments.

Sandra Brammer, Simone Schröer, Jessica Liepelt, Monika Velten (from left)
all photos credit to Caroline Günther