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Sandra Brammer – power business beauty coach

With Sandra Brammer everything revolves around styling – especially for women in business life. Because a harmonious and strong appearance requires not only a power outfit but also a power make-up!

The charming Sandra with the radiant blue eyes has been working as a make-up artist for years. In the course of time she has observed that especially women at work are very uncertain about the right make-up, hairstyle and job outfit. She saw a gap in the market and started her own business as a Business Beauty Coach, because finding support and help was difficult. These can now be found at Sandra. As the first and only Business Beauty Coach in Germany, she offers coaching with her extensive experience for companies and private individuals, in which not only make-up tips are in the spotlight, but individual beauty and personality are worked out. The self-confidence of the employees is strengthened and at the same time the looks correspond to the image of the respective company, which consequently become more successful – an absolute win-win situation!

Learn in our interview how Sandra works, what an efficient business make-up looks like and what her power business look looks like!

Sandra and influencer Petra Dieners

What was the trigger for your company foundation?

During my work as a make-up artist and hairstylist I was asked countless questions, especially by women about make-up, styling and the right hairstyle. I noticed that many women feel insecure about their job styling. Therefore I had the idea to offer my service directly as workshops for companies.

Who are your customers?

That’s very different. I look after hotel chains with whom I design various business beauty looks to match the CI of the company. In the same way, I am regularly in training centres of insurance companies and companies that employ a lot of field staff. For this purpose I developed a special two-day workshop on the topic “Self-marketing for women – It´s all about your image!”

How do you acquire new customers?

I regularly go to various women’s events and fairs, run social media and hold business re-styling events for women.

What makes your service so special?

It is a all inclusive service, from make-up consultation to perfect business styling. Companies appreciate this very much. Because together with the employees I bring make-up, hairstyle and dress code into harmony with the CI of the company. As already said, a win-win situation on both sides. Type-appropriate business styling simply creates more self-confident employees.

Why is make-up such an important part of the business look?

Every woman wants to look fresh and groomed, don’t she? And that’s easy, if woman knows how! Unfortunately, many women don’t even put make-up on themselves for fear of doing something wrong. I think that’s a pity! The unnatural Instagram-filter look does its rest in addition and conveys a false beauty picture!

What does the ideal business make-up look like for you?

Well-groomed skin, rosy cheeks, accentuated eyebrows, sometimes a bright lip colour, depending on the business. For me, my consultations are always about naturalness and authenticity. I think that’s very important!

And how can it strengthen appearance and self-confidence?

By simply feeling really comfortable in your skin, you need the complete look. A great make-up, but the outfit does not fit properly, the blouse tightens, the trousers pinch… that would be rather counterproductive. You quickly feel insecure.

Do you have a tip for a fast but efficient business make-up?

The foundation is the be-all and end-all for a well-groomed look. That’s why I recommend every woman a make-up that suits her skin type. Apply transparent powder lightly so that the skin doesn’t shine. Apply a highlight to the movable eyelid, this will open your eyes and make you look awake. Then apply a strong mascara to the eyelashes and finally choose a lip colour that will stand up to the tasks of the day. For a presentation, for example, I would always recommend a strong colour.

What does your Power Business outfit look like?

I love pantsuits. In the meantime, there are so many different models. In strong colours or plaid. Depending on the position and industry, trouser suits can be combined wonderfully. A coloured shirt or a blouse, you have a different look. Pumps, sneakers or booties…everything goes with it, even in terms of shoes.

What about the right make-up?

I make up my lips mostly very strong. My favourite is the colour Lady Danger from MAC. A beautiful orange-red, which is not too dark and therefore softens the complexion.

What advice do you give to women who are still looking for their style?

To take a styling consultation and especially to buy a few, but high-quality parts. And above all, make sure that the parts can be combined.
So rather a high-quality trouser suit and in addition 3 tops which would fit however also to a skirt. Most women don’t think about what they really need, but just buy it.

You are the mother of a son. How do you manage the balancing act between job and family?

As a freelancer, I have the advantage of often accepting appointments in such a way that I can respond to the needs of my son. I really appreciate that. But I am also often on the road in the evening or on weekends. It also often happens that I take an afternoon off and have to sit at the computer in the evening and work through various things. I have built up a great network of other working mothers, we support each other with driving services and looking after the kids.

Which social topic is close to your heart?

For years I have been committed to helping disadvantaged children, for example by collecting donations or supporting children’s institutions in Düsseldorf. I think it’s very important that you first see where you can help in the immediate vicinity. Often you don’t even realize how much suffering there is in Germany.