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Outfits for pregnant women at Styles4Work

An interesting topic are pregnant women at work and their maternity wardrobe during the pregnancy while at work. You’ve been in business for quite some time and now is the time to grow your family – may it be planned or unplanned … The first three months you can still put on the normal wardrobe, but from the 4th month on this becomes quite difficult considering the growing belly. Most women work until the last possible minute and now this question becomes even more crucial: What do I wear?

Every woman develops a little differently during pregnancy and the wardrobe is only temporary, so it poses quite a challenge for the business outfit during pregnancy. Many skirts or dresses slip up when you put them above your growing belly, so you have to watch the skirt length here! Blazers can almost be forgotten during pregnancy unless you wear them open. Pants are also difficult, unless they are business suitable maternity pants. Basically dresses go very well during pregnancy, either with a lot of stretch fabrique or wrap dresses.

Here are some inspirations …

Outfit Inspirations
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