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Style Adviser for
Board Meetings
Outfits for Board Meetings at Styles4Work

A board meeting or a management meeting is usually a serious matter. It brings together the management, the board, the advisory board, or even the board of directors to discuss the latest business developments, the current and future strategy, or the business plan for the next year. Depending on the current state of affairs, it can be a relaxed session or a less enjoyable one – especially if the numbers just do not go according to plan … As always, the question arises here too: What to wear?

Come what may, you want to be competent, serious and professional in a board meeting! The dress code is in most cases formal or semi-formal and very business. Even if the CEO personally shows up in T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, as long as he has not explicitly demanded the same from the other participants, the rest should come in an adequate outfit and show respect.

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