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Outfits for Business Evening Events at Styles4Work

A business evening event can be a challenge for the right wardrobe. It is usually a dinner on a larger scale – for example an award ceremony, a gala or something similar. On the invitation there will be a dress code, so you know at least whether it should be a cocktail dress or rather a long dress. But what should you wear if you must represent your company?

The dress code on the invitation helps with the basic direction. But now you want to look good on the one hand, and be able to walk in it on the other hand. On the one hand you want to be elegant, on the other you want to look competent. These do not exclude each other! What you certainly do not want is to be too revealing, too glamorous or too boring. Stay away from too low necklines, too short dresses, too free backs, or too high slits – all that should be left out, if you are for business on an evening event!

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