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Business Formal
Outfits for Business Formal at Styles4Work

Business Formal, Business Classic or Business Conservative is the strictest form of office fashion. It is neither fancy nor particularly trendy, but it is usually timeless – except for variations in the cut, which are set by the designers again and again as a change.

The colors are primarily dark – black, dark blue, navy, gray or grays – and almost free of patterns. Most discreet pinstripes or houndstooth are possible, but always tone on tone. Depending on the workplace or occasion, you can bring a little color into the game with shirts or blouses, but in the classic style you usually stay with white, blue or pink blouses or shirts.

The cut is also very timeless and classic, although there may be variations to harmonize with your own body figure or figure type. The waistband in the trousers may vary, for example, or the presence of trouser pockets. A classic business outfit can be worn as trousers and blazer, skirt and blazer or classic dress and blazer.

Every working woman should have at least one classic outfit in the closet. However, you wear classic business outfits primarily in classic consulting firms, tax advice companies and in corporates such as insurances.

Outfit Inspirations
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