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Business Semiformal
Outfits for Business Semiformal at Styles4Work

Business Semiformal or Business Half-Classic is the somewhat relaxed form of classic office fashion, but nevertheless it remains somewhat conservative based on the classic version. Still, here you have more opportunities to bring in some personality. At the core it is not exactly trendy, although there are certainly fashionable options to keep up with the prevailing fashion trends.

The colors and patterns can be diverse, but still remain basically serious and businesslike. Depending on the workplace, occasion, type of body figure or your own taste, here you can play with different cuts, patterns and colors. Nevertheless, one remains in general with classic cuts.

The Business Semi-Formal Look is probably more and more the replacement for the classic version of everyday life in the office and will prevail more and more. It is suitable for medium-sized businesses, for corporations and and for smaller consultancies.

Outfit Inspirations
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