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Client Appointments
Outfits for Client Appointments at Styles4Work

A client appointment can be an appointment with an existing or potential customer, but also, for example, a court date if you are a lawyer. Either way, a client appointment is about something, either to win a customer, to keep him in the long run, or to get a positive referral – or to win a case. In the end it’s about business and business is revenue.

At a client appointment you need to come across serious and competent, but without being stuffy or boring. Customer appointments have a human component and sympathy plays a major role. Of course, the personality and not just the outfit will decide in the end. But the outfit underlines the personality, because we decide what we wear.

As a woman, being feminine is totally fine, it’s an advantage rather than a disadvantage. The outfit should be chosen carefully and never look cheap or too revealing, otherwise you do risk to not be taken seriously.

Outfit Inspirations
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