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Panel Discussions
Outfits for Panel Discussion at Styles4Work

In a panel discussion you sit on a stage in front of a larger audience along with some other people and conduct a usually moderated discussion. In doing so one often represents his company or his own person. You were invited because you have a valued opinion on the selected topic.

At a panel discussion you represent something, either yourself, your company or an opinion. This should be underlined by your outfit in any case. Either you explicitly want to stand out, which is usually the case, or you intentionally want to look somehow understatement. For whatever you decide on the day of the panel discussion – or perhaps this is also dictated by the theme – the right outfit can underline this and your own personality!

Since you sit in most cases – either on a chair or on a stool, the outfit should be wrinkle free and make a good figure while sitting. Beware of too short or too tight skirts – here you should also pay attention to the adequate leg position when sitting.

Outfit Inspirations
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