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The creative Business Dress Code Guide

be inventive and creative!

Why are there business dress codes? You keep asking us this question. In short, a business dress code is a recommendation, or can even be a requirement, to follow certain wardrobe guidelines in professional life. A kind of uniform that the company should present.

Since these uniforms were and are not always easy to define, at the end of the 18th century dress codes were issued for the respective social classes to show who belonged to a social group. Of course this has changed completely today, modern dress codes are only conventions. Nevertheless, they can be extremely helpful in the choice of the business look and can grant great confidence.

You really shouldn’t forget that you always present yourself at the same time. There are situations in business life, such as an important customer meeting or a meeting with the boss, where an appropriate wardrobe will support success and strengthen seriousness and security. That is why we have the Business Dress Code Guide. We would like to help you choose the right business outfit.

After business casual, business formal and business semiformal we would like to introduce the creative business dress code to you this week.


Which one of you doesn’t feel like trying something fashionable now and then and attempting a more unusual outfit in the office?

Unfortunately, this is usually only possible for those who work in certain areas. But for those we provide the creative business dress code. Business creative is without question the dress code, which gives the most flexibility to express oneself fashionably.

Anyone who is professionally active in the creative field, for example in advertising agencies, architecture, start-ups, design, or to some extent in the media sector, is usually very free to choose their own business look.


Bath Blazer aus britischem Tweed Navy Damen Boden, Navy

Even in some more conservative areas, fashionable creativity is more and more appreciated if it is implemented well and appropriately. English Prime Minister Teresa May, for example, knows very well how to send signals with her clothes. Her clothing style is classic, but with exceptionally creative elements for politics, especially in the choice of her shoes. With a little skill, you can also score points with creativity in more traditional areas.

In the artistic professions, the creative dress code is also appropriate for meetings at management level and for customer appointments (which of course depends on the customer).


It may even be that a too formal or stiff outfit suggests a lack of imagination and ideas. This means that you have complete freedom for an individual look that can play with colours, cuts and shapes.



The choice of colours is almost limitless – even neon colours would be appropriate in moderation, although one must be aware that not everyone is standing neon by far. Neon, however, can set cool accents as a dash of colour. Otherwise you can wear everything from bright colours to strong to pastel and also in very unusual combinations. A red pencil skirt, a pigeon blue top and a jacket in a contrasting colour, even patterned or checked, shows colour understanding and dynamism, yet remains serious enough.

A jumpsuit is predestined for the creative dress code, preferably in bright colours. With or without blazer in contrasting or the same colour. For a more sporty look with classy sneakers, for the more elegant version with high heels or, for a trendy picture, with boots or booties.



Asymmetry, bell shape, paper bag, extra long and wide Marlene trousers, large jackets in box form, pleats – there are no limits to creativity. Anyone who dares and can wear it, which is absolutely type-dependent, can indulge in cuts. Whereby our advice is here too, limit yourselves to unusual cuts or colour combinations or patterns, everything together is usually a bit too much and in a business meeting you quickly feel dressed up rather than fashionably creative.

Even in the creative dress code, too short skirts or hotpants and too deep cutouts and carrier tops should be avoided. The very typical leasure clothing is not appropriate here either.

A skirt or dress with flat leather overknees, on the other hand, can work well. You should then keep the colours more muted and wear tights.

Even unusual cuts, such as symmetrical or refined ones, are a good alternative. Gladly also in connection with patterns.



The creative business dress code is the only one among the dress codes that allows any pattern. Wild, colourful, large, eye-catching – everything works and is even desired.

But don’t forget that too much can be too much of a good thing. If a striking pattern is chosen, the cut and colours should be more restrained.

A suit in a black and white check pattern, for example, is discreet and classic in cut and colours, but the pattern, especially as an ensemble in a pants suit, is a total eye-catcher!

The mix of materials in combination with patterns and colours can also have a creative effect. How about a dark green leather skirt that ends under the knee in a pink patterned short jacket with matching pumps and a light pink blouse? Eye-catching and stylish, but in no way unsuitable for business.




  • All colours from discreet to clear, strong tones, even neon as an accent! Also in unusual combinations
  • Cuts in every variation, from clear to refined
  • Skirt length to just above the knee
  • Cutouts not deeper than upper breast base
  • Pattern, please! Anything is allowed, from wild to flowers to checked
  • All shoes, all heels! From sneakers to boots to high heels
  • Statement Jewellery


  • No leisure wear
  • Also here applies: Too deep cut-outs or carrier tops
  • Hot Pants or Hot Mini Skirts
  • Transparent clothing
  • Certain artificial materials


We are looking forward to your experiences with the creative dress code! Do you have a dress code in your company and how strict do you have to be? What does a creative dress code look like to you? Do you have any other ideas for a creative business look? Send us your comments and suggestions to!