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The Styles4Work body shape adviser: Type O

Do you know that too? In front of your full wardrobe and still, you simply cannot find the right outfit for the office in which you feel really comfortable and safe. Other women, on the other hand, always look chic and are dressed to their advantage, although they certainly don’t have a fuller wardrobe or an absolute dream figure either. How can that be, you ask yourself?

The answer is simple! These women most probably know their body shape types and dress accordingly. They use tips and tricks that correspond to their body shape, know how to underline their advantages and distract from problem areas. So can you! Because one thing is clear, a good business look is often not a question of your size in clothes, but rather a question of your body shape.

Figurtyp O Silhuette

Such old news, the classification of body shapes, would you like to say? Yes, the division into body shapes has existed for quite some time, but that doesn’t make them any less important and correct. Because it was and is basically the case that figure types lie in the genes, the basic body structure cannot be changed. Sport and a healthy lifestyle can perfect the body shape in the best possible way, but they cannot change it completely. So it is pointless if you want to make an O out of an X. But that doesn’t matter, because every body shape has its advantages that you have to flatter. That’s why we offer you the Styles4Work body shape advisor! Identify your body type and follow our tips and tricks for stylish office outfits – it might change the way you dress for business!

Today we introduce the body shape type O, also called “orange” or “pearl”.

Characteristic for the figure type O is the luxuriant middle area of your body, i.e. the belly is round and full. A waist is virtually non-existent. One distinguishes again variants: There is the O-figure type, which has a rather round belly, but all limbs are long, fine and narrow. In addition, this O-type also has a smaller bust. On to the second O-type, who is smaller, often has larger breasts and the legs and arms are normal to stronger. However, the bottom is flat in both cases. The most important characteristic is the round belly, which has to be secreted smartly. In case you are not sure whether you belong to the O-type, simply measure: If the body centre is at least 5% wider than the hips, you belong to the figure type O!

So, you are an O. No problem! Styles4Work shows you how you can harmonize your proportions with beneficial clothes and appear positive and confident in your working life.

Here are our business outfit styling tips for O-type body shapes.

Dresses and skirts

The most important feature when choosing clothes for the O-type is a loosely falling and slightly flared cut, such as an empire cut. Cuts should not be constrictive, but light and feminine and possibly, with a long vertical line stretching the upper part of the body.
Also dresses (and skirts) with peplums are a good alternative, especially if you have slim legs. They always look good, especially on the job. If you are tall, dresses with a shirred waist that covers the belly are another option.

With skirts you can also accentuate the slender legs wonderfully. They should end at the knee and at best be cut straight or in A-line. This flatters the legs and balances the physique.
For skirts and dresses, the following applies: choose as plain a colour and noble materials as possible. Skirts may have brighter or stronger colours, you want to show your legs. The upper part should then be a more sober colour.

You can spice up simple cuts with accessories such as jewellery or scarves. For all O-body shapes applies: shoes with at least 3 cm heels and block heels or wedges, not too dainty.

This dress, which stretches from the middle of the body, where it is loosely cut and has a nice detail on the neck, is perfect for O-types

The dark blue Marlene pants stretches the legs and balances the belly through the high waistband.


If you’re one of those O’s with long, slim legs, find skinny fabric trousers for the office, gladly also in lighter or stronger colours. Then please keep the top simple, hip-length and loosely falling so that the belly is covered.
In case you have rather short legs, choose long Marlene trousers in combination with a high heel, that stretches the legs, covers the belly and looks totally chic in the office. A medium or high waistband works wonders for the O-figure type – this applies to any leg length. You will also look great with monochrome combinations, they stretch the body silhouette.

Tops and cut-outs

The following applies to all O-body shapes: cut-outs, yes please! Any cut-out shape does the O good, but of course: Not too deep in the office! If you belong to the O’s with a small breasts, a submarine neckline works, even a turtleneck can be very nice.
All upper parts should fall loosely and should not touch the belly region. “Hangers”, tops with refined necklines or gatherings, straight cut, longer blazers, worn open if possible, are a safe bench for the O. Also edge-gated sleeves are a good tip. The focus should be set on the shoulder area, which distracts from the belly. Tops should reach up to the hips, jackets can be even longer, like to the middle of your thigh.

This blouse by byMi is cut wide and looks great with skinny jeans or tight pants.

The pants have a high waistband and are slim cut, the blouse covers the belly, three points for the O-type figures!

Fabrics and colours

You can work very well with fabrics to cover your belly. We recommend medium-strong fabrics, cotton or mixed materials with silk content. Pure silk is too soft. Fabrics should fall loosely and cover the belly but it is important that they don’t lie firmly oo the belly.
In the office a combination of narrow trousers and a wide top in the same colour is a good choice, like shown on the photo to the left, one of our favourite O-type outfits. The classic cotton shirt is also good for the office, but the fabric should not be too stiff.
Colour is a recommendable option, for both, tops and bottoms. Upper and lower part may be colourful but the focus should only be set on one part only, if you go for a brighter colour. Best is to go for one coloured pieces, however, please no pattern or big stripes.

Here is what you should avoid at best

  • Pleated skirts and plissee! Makes you look like a box
  • Dainty and too delicate accessories! In case you need to, you may spice up your outfit with chunky chains and scarfs
  •  Low rises (ending at your hip)! You want to hide your belly and hips, not underline them
  • Kitten heels! Block heels or wedges are much better
  • No or only very little pattern! At least for your upper body part
  • No big stripes! They enlarge instead of tighten your upper body

Here a top with peplum, an ideal outfit for your working life.

Prominent O-types

Prominent representatives of the O-body shape are, e.g. Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey or Adele. The pictures here show very nicely, how these O-types adhere to golden rules: Emphasis on the legs and décolleté. Existing body proportions are optimized by the choice of clothes and our tips are beautifully implemented: High Waists and long blazers with skinny pants and additionally tops that do not constrict. Well chosen dresses direct the silhouette to the legs and thus distract from the belly. You can do that too, it’s not that hard!

That are our tips for body shape O! You will see how your body can be enchanted and how you feel much more confident in business life!

Do you have any questions about the O-body shape type or have further tips? Please email us at, we will be happy to help you and look forward to your suggestions!