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The Styles4Work body shape adviser: Type X

Do you also often feel uncertain in the office because your style does make you feel uncomfortable? Some women, on the other hand, seem to find the right office outfit every day… If you also want to transform your office styling from frustrated to fabulous, it helps to know your body shape.

Basically, every person has a certain body shape in the genes, which cannot be changed. Generally, body shapes categories are based on letter forms, i.e. A, H, X, V and O. You can certainly optimize your body shape through sports and healthy food, but if you want to turn an X into an O, it will be difficult. So, much better to follow our body shape adviser. We help you to find the perfect style for your office wardrobe. We deliver all the tips and tricks for your body shape and show you how you can make the most out of yourself. Because you can be sure, any body shape has its very attractive sides!

Figurtyp X Silhuette

Today, we introduce you to body shape X, also known as “bow” or “hourglass”.

You know you are an X, if your waist is much narrower than your upper and lower body and upper and lower body also have similar proportions. The focus is clearly set on the waist. The X type is probably the most common body shape and a body shape you can only dream of! If you are an X, be happy, that means pure femininity.

Of course, there are different X versions. Larger and stronger XX types as well as slim XS types. But they all have the narrow waist in relation to the rest of the body in common. If you are not sure whether you are an X type, just take your measurements: If the waist is at least 10% narrower than the upper and lower body, the figure is an X!

Sometimes it might seem difficult to find the right clothes for an X body shape. But the good news is, Styles4Work gives you advise on what to look out for when choosing your business attire and how to make an optimal appearance in professional life.

Follow our styling tips for your business outfits here.

This is a smart shift dress in grey. The cut turns it into something special. The cut-out as well as the underlining of the waist are perfect for X types.

Dresses and Skirts

If you like to wear dresses in the office, choose dresses that flatter the silhouette and highlight the waist. Knee-length is your perfect length, especially in the office. Another option is the trendy midi length. Just be careful you don’t go too short. Your best choices are shift dresses as well as wrap dresses, because they set the focus on your waist. No one can wear them as well as you do. One golden rule is to always show a tight waistline. This balances the upper and lower body and shows the beautiful hourglass.

The underlining of the waist also applies to skirts. High-waisted skirts and pencil skirts are recommended. Tops should be plugged in. Colours and patterns are allowed and wanted, everything from monochrome to a large pattern.


For X types, it is crucial to stage and optimize the curves as lean as possible. Some XX types also prefer to look rather thinner than curvy. For all of you, if you want to put on trousers in the office, we advise on pleats. Narrow as well as straight cuts work, also a light bootcut is recommendable. Trousers should have a high rise or at least a medium rise. This also hides a bit chubby hips and highlights your clear advantage, the waist.

Colours are almost free to choose from, even a subtle pattern goes for pants. A narrow waist belt is another stylistic tip. Shoes should always have a heel of at least 3 centimetres, that stretches the silhouette.

The navy trousers have a high waist with pockets on the front and focus on the middle.

A beautiful silk blouse with V-neck and flounces, which is put into the trousers indealereweise (not like in the picture here), emphasizes the beneficial center of the body.


Cut-outs are a true magic tool for the X type. Almost every shape works to stretch the body line. Of course, deep cut-outs are inappropriate for an office look.

Search for necklines that end above the chest approach. Apart from that rule, any neckline works, a V- or round neck as well as trapeze, diamond or heart necklines. Narrow cut-outs make your breast appear slimmer, so the upper body is balanced.

For larger breast and very curvy types, it is recommended to stick with plain materials such as fine knitting or silk. Here, you should also try to avoid too much of a pattern.

Materials and cuts

For materials and cuts it is relevant whether you are a smaller X type or a larger X. For a larger X less is often more. This one should stick with simple and plain materials, not too stiff and not too voluminous. All others can play with heavier fabrics, such as bouclé. Particularly good for an office look are elegant, high-quality and flowing materials which flatter your silhouette without limiting your body line. Also recommendable is silk, fine knits and mixed materials, which are also ideal for business trips.

The same applies to cuts. Straight, plain and classical, in no case too voluminous. Blazers and jackets should be short, with a narrow waist and long revers. For colours, there are basically no limits. Everything works, from a subtle monochrome on to cheerful colours and large patterns.

The skirt suit from ALEXANDRA ZANDERS is made of a high quality wool fabric, has a short jacket and a classic pencil skirt. A perfect piece for the X-type, as it focuses on the middle of the body.

This plaid, gray and tailored one-button blazer is ideal for X-types!

Here is what you should avoid at best

Primarily, you should avoid voluminous, wide clothing and oversize cuts. The layer look is also a no-go for the X. Basically, anything which hides your big plus, the waistline. Please also leave out on all high-closed tops, such as stand-up collars or turtle necks.

In addition, anything bulky, e.g., large volants or ruffles. That also applies for angular, squat and empirical cuts. Heavy, stiff fabrics are a no-go as well as too short skirts or too deep cut-outs, especially for the XX type.

In general, neither your hip area or your shoulder area should be stressed, always highlight your waist!

Prominent X body shapes

Prominent representatives of the X body shape include Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Barbara Schöneberger. Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson are also among them. The pictures here show exactly how these X types adhere to the golden rule: Highlighting the waist! Our prominent X types optimize their existing body silhouette and stick to the X type tips in their choice of clothes: High waisted skirts and pants with tucked in tops as well as dresses that flatter the body shape and set focus on the waist. You can do that too, just try it!

X Figur Lopez Hayek Schöneberger

Dear X-types, so far our tips for your body shape. If you follow the rules, you will soon realise how your office outfits will transform positively!

Do you have further tips for the X-type wardrobe? We very gladly receive all your ideas and suggestions on!