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1. How would you describe your body proportion?

There is no perfect figure! The physique is completely independent of weight, appearance and way of life. In addition, each type has its merits and these must be emphasized ... One should only know his type and put this cleverly in scene - whether at work or beyond.

2. How would you describe your belly?

3. How does your waist compare to the hip?

4. How would you describe your bust size?

5. Which part of the body do you like most about you?

6. A look in the mirror. My butt is ...

7. How do you buy your clothes?

Choose the answer that best suits you.
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8. Which dress cut puts you in the best light?

Which type of figure are you?
Figure type A

Anyone who has shouted "everything down" when distributing the types of figures has generally become a wonderful A or meerkat. "All down", that means in this figure types, pronounced hips and thighs and often a round butt. If you have narrow shoulders, little to relatively little breasts and a slender back, but in proportion to more pronounced hips, buttocks and thighs, you're right here.

If you are not sure if you really are an A, just measure it: Measure with a tape measure the strongest points of your shoulders and hips, if your hips are at least 5% wider than your shoulder circumference, you can be pretty sure of the To belong to meerkats.

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Figure type H

The figure H, also known as banana, is rather boyish and narrow, hips and shoulders are almost the same width, a waist barely visible. Also butt and bosom are not very pronounced. By the way, almost every model is an H!

Basically, you set in the figure type H on volume! Hip-length tops with eye-catching waterfall, flounces or ruffles work well with straight, narrow trousers or plain pencil skirts. Also pinstripes - ideal for the office - look at Hs not stuffy, but cool because they fall ideally and the long legs still stretch.

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Figure type O

The figure type O is also called "orange" or "pearl". Characteristic of the figure type O is the lush body center, a waist is virtually absent. There are again two variants: There is the O-type figure, which has only belly, but all limbs are long, fine and narrow. In addition, this O-type has a smaller bosom. The second O-type is smaller, often has a bigger breast and the legs and arms are normal to stronger. The butt is flat in both.

The most important feature is clearly the round belly, which you would like to hide. If you are not sure if you belong to the O type, just measure it: If the body center is at least 5% wider than the hips, you belong to the figure type O!

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Figure type X

Describing for the type of figure X, also known as an hourglass or bow, is the significantly narrower center compared to bust and hips. Figure type X is the most common and stands for pure femininity, the goal is always to look at the parts.

The materials should be soft and flowing, the cuts simple and noble. Waisted dresses and skirt suits are ideal, even A-line or pencil skirts. Wrap dresses or gowns are also a great option for the business. Tops or blouses with V-neck flatter the décolleté. Steer clear of chunky knits, that wear up unnecessarily and hide the waist. Of course, pants also go, preferably mid-rise or even high-rise, so they do not end on the hips.

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Figure type V

Describing for the type of figure V, or also called "apple" is a relatively wide upper body - considered relative to the hip. You are wide-shouldered and have a relatively high bust size. Add to that slim hips and long legs. Your figure is more sporty than female! Where the sporty type is also called float type and there is also the curvy variant of V-type!

So, you are a V-body shape. There are lots of tricks to help you to even out your body shape by choosing flattering clothes and thereby create a positive appearance in your business environment.

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